The different kinds of bulletproof glass

Armored glass, bulletproof glass, bullet-resistant fiberglass, bullet-resistant laminated glass, bulletproof vented glass, and bulletproof windows are all terms relating to the quality of toughened glass that will prevent penetration by bullets and other projectiles. As with any substance, it isn’t entirely impenetrable, though. There are things to know about the toughened glass to ensure that it provides the best protection for your family, home, or business.

Bulletproof vented windows and bulletproof fiberglass is both types of toughened glass. These materials are popular in many buildings because they protect from impacts, such as in a violent workplace. However, people have been using them to add additional security to their homes, particularly for hurricane and earthquake-damaged homes and for automobiles. There are several things to know about these materials when considering what you might want in terms of toughened glass in your home or building. These include things to look for when shopping for windows and other things to do when installing them.

When shopping for commercial or private property that will be used as a residence or for a business, you will want to make sure that there are windows or other openings with a sufficient amount of toughened glass in them. This is especially important because there is potential for bullets or other projectiles to pierce or even explode into the windows if they are weak in this area. Also, while the most commercial or private property will already have windows or openings that are considered to be bulletproof or protected by other means, you should make sure that you know what is included in your window installation contract. 

When installing commercial or private property where there are windows, you should know what is commonly used as a bulletproof material. Often, this refers to thick sheets of armor-plated glass or metal that is designed to withstand powerful caliber rounds. Although the armor may not be bulletproof by definition, the material can often withstand high pressures and remain intact. In addition, you should know that there are different thicknesses of armor glass that can be added to a bulletproof surface. The thickness that you choose will depend on a variety of things including the type of bullet or rounds you will be using and the amount of pressure that the object is subjected to. Another factor to keep in mind is that although most windows are typically made from standard sizes and shapes, some bullet resistant windows can be cut to fit into unusual shapes.