Is Free IELTS Training Possible?

Is Free IELTS Training Possible

The IELTS is a globally recognized English language examination that many people take when they apply for high school English as a foreign language (EFL) or when they want to take the IELTS for English as a Foreign Language in any country in the world. Although the IELTS is open for everyone who applied for it, in some countries you have to take a certain nationality IELTS course before you will be eligible to take the real IELTS.

  • Yes, it’s free! There are numerous course websites which are free of charge, especially those that cater to those who want to take the IELTS as preparation for a language course in another country. This free course comes with several listening exercises which are specifically designed to help you develop your listening skills and improve your writing ability in English. IELTS writing task 2 lessons, practice questions, sample answers and many more!
  • The course has several advantages over taking the English language skills examination administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE). First, the course is much more interactive, enabling the students to ask questions, answer them and participate in forums.
  • Furthermore, the IELTS allows the students to track their progress over the course of the entire examination. This enables the student outcomes to be compared between different students taking the same examination. The monitoring of the student outcomes also enables the teachers to determine the effectiveness of the preparation course.
  • A Free course is highly recommended to those who are preparing to take the IELTS test in Dubai. In most cases, the free course is available in the same manner as the official IELTS course, offering students the same listening and writing tasks. Students may need to pay for some of the additional features, such as practice questions, answers to previous questions, reading comprehension exercises and other benefits. A list of the available courses can be found on the official website.

The IELTS course in Dubai is also available in a book online. Students who cannot attend class can download the book online, read through it and then complete the tasks at the back of the book. This is the same process as when taking the online. Students can choose to study in any order they like, but must complete the activities within the time frame specified in the book.