Armored Vehicles – Factors to Consider When Buying One

Armored Vehicles – Factors to Consider When Buying One

When purchasing an armored vehicle, there are several important things to look for before making the final purchase. These factors include cost, level of armor, payload, and inconspicuity. Considering these factors, you can better determine which type of armored vehicle is right for your needs. Continue reading for more information. Purchasing an armored vehicle should be an exciting but not stressful process.


If you need a vehicle for business or personal use, it is important to understand the cost of armoring. This type of protection can double or triple the price of the actual vehicle. Prices for armored vehicles can vary widely based on customization options, so it is important to compare costs and features before buying. A sales consultant can help you find the right package for your needs and budget. Whether you need a vehicle for a single trip or long-term use, the prices of armored vehicles will depend on the features you want.

Level of armor:

Buying an armored vehicle may seem easy, but if you’re not sure which type of armor you need, consider the level of protection offered by different vehicles. Armor levels are measured according to the perceived risk posed by different weapons. The highest level of protection protects against 7.62x51mm armored bullets. But what are the advantages of different levels?


When purchasing an armored vehicle, you must consider its payload before making a purchase. The payload refers to the maximum weight that a vehicle can carry, including passengers, cargo, and optional equipment. A vehicle with an excessive payload will not be maneuverable, make it difficult to accelerate and stop, and will decrease the life of the tires. Moreover, it will require extra maintenance over the long term.


Before buying an armored vehicle, consider its inconspicuousness. This is an important consideration, especially for undercover security teams. While most SWAT teams would opt for non-armored vehicles, some top-line used armored vehicles have other benefits that make them more desirable. Inconspicuous gun ports allow sniper teams to concentrate on taking covert shots. Listed below are some features to look for before buying an armored vehicle.


Although there is no federal requirement for in-progress inspections of armored vehicles, the Army does conduct such reviews but relies on vendors’ quality control processes. As a result, ACPVs are assumed to meet minimum standards of quality and armoring, despite incomplete inspection records. While in-progress inspections are important, they may not be enough to ensure the quality of the final product.